The Moog Guitar

2008: The Moog Guitar

At Summer NAMM 2008 Moog introduced the limited first issue ‘Paul Vo Collector’s Edition’ instrument and later the production model E1 Moog Guitar.

The Moog Guitar and Moog Lap Steel

The Moog Guitar has found a place in the world. Four years after its introduction hundreds of influential guitarists are actively making all kinds of great music with it. Winning over musicians to a new type of instrument is a slow process. But this guitar is a whole lot of fun to play. It feels amazing in your hands. What you hear is what you feel. I believe this correspondence between sensation and sound connects you emotionally and makes it a true musical instrument rather than just a cool technology.

The Moog Guitar has received numerous industry honors including Guitar Player Magazine’s 2009 Reader’s Choice Award, Electronic Musician Magazine’s 2009 Editor’s Choice Award, 2008 Summer NAMM “Best In Show” honors, a 2008 “Best of What’s New Award” from Popular Science magazine and a 2009 Mix Foundation TEC Award.

You can do things with a Moog Guitar you just can’t do any other way whether you play it like a traditional electric or use it orchestrally.  Sometimes you can hardly tell it’s a guitar. For a great example, listen to Brian Eno’s very beautiful ‘LUX’ CD. The CD credits list only three physical instruments used in the recording: violins, violas, and the Moog Guitar. Thank you Brian Eno, for your encouragement.

During 2010 Moog developed the Moog Lap Steel. With that instrument for the first time I saw my technology applied very skillfully and artistically by people other than myself – think what that’s like, after walking around with an idea burning in your head for 25 years that no one else can see!

To me the Moog Lap Steel is a purer, more artistic, more perfectly integrated union of this technology with a traditional musical instrument than even the Paul Vo Collectors Edition Moog Guitar. The existence of instrument is the reason I know I’ve successfully shared not just the designs but the spirit of my technology with the people at Moog Music. This makes me very happy!