My first big mixer.       Box mixers.     Power amplifiers.      My last mixer.
My first big mixer,   Box mixers,   Power amplifiers,  My last mixer.

• A Cool but Regular Job •

After a two year stint working outside the music industry developing a process control system, in 1984 I started accepted an offer from Yorkville Sound Ltc. of Ontario, Canada to design products and run their engineering lab. Although our output necessarily consisted of practical everyday music-related products of familiar form and category, my circuits, metalwork design, graphics, etc., were always unique, never directly copied. I enjoyed trying to create better versions of all the standard products – amps, mixers and such – and I poured as much originality into them as I could.

During these years I learned everything you need to know to take a product from the idea stage to a finished item ready for production. I learned this by doing every stage myself, then later by organizing teams of designers and engineers to do it.

Our staff worked on many other products, but on those pictured above I did virtually all the work myself from concept to production. Even the later years when I had more executive tasks, I always found time to do some of the design work. I’ve always loved the work of design.

Many of these products are still in use.

Probably my most durably positive memories of those times are of the individuals I worked with. In my lab knowledge was shared, never hoarded. Yorkville gave us all a chance to be the creative designers and engineers we wanted to be. A great Canadian company in our industry.

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