Jamming with Ken Tobias in 1975.  View from his Kitchen.   At 25, with Acoustic

Jamming with Ken Tobias in 1975. View from my kitchen. At 25, with acoustic

1974 – 1984:

This decade I settled into working as a freelance consulting product designer and generally just living life: relationships, children, all that. There were many ups and downs.

Various Projects...

There were sound system installations, custom electronics for a music distribution system, a meter panel for a studio, custom modifications to guitarists’ amplifiers, custom distortion pedals, restaurant paging systems, etc.

The advent of the personal computer brought me into the digital realm. In a rare departure from working on music industry products, I developed a computerized process control for the product labeling industry. It was powered by the `6502′ processor, the same microprocessor that Apple used in the first series of Apple computers. This was a very advanced product – I didn’t realize this then, but from today’s perspective it clearly was. Controlling complex machine motions and several precision temperature points, it had a sealed capacitive touch front panel with tactile feedback, on screen context sensitive help, and was self-calibrating.