Head Shot 11

“I believe the character of musical expression is strongly tied to the physical form of an instrument.  A saxophone is not a theremin is not a violin – but why not? It’s not just the different timbre and range, it’s that each instrument shape provides a unique framework for emotional expression. A different feeling is suggested by the act of blowing breath into a saxophone than by drawing a bow across a string.  A violin wants to be played like a violin, a guitar like a guitar, a sax like a sax, a flute like a flute – each different physical shape and method of playing an instrument yields its own unique mode of expression and musical emotion.”

“What if we combine the sculptured reality of acoustic instruments with the limitless sonic universe provided by electronic synthesis and virtual instruments?  We’ll create physical musical instruments and endlessly give them new and different voices — sounds designed as with an electronic synthesizer, yet completely real sounds brought to life within the physical instrument. This is Acoustic Synthesis™, the focus of my dream and my work.”